2011, 18 color photographs

Green is a series of photographs documenting the specific locations of the largest housing project in Central Europe, Petržalka. According to the original concept, this district, now often seen as a symbol of interventions into Bratislava´s urban structure by the communist regime; was meant to be a modern urban neighborhood based on modernist principles with lots of green areas and parks. As the original urban concept has not been completely developed and finished, also the planned green areas seem to be created spontaneously and randomly. Project Green is focusing on these green areas and recreational zones, on their specific character and the "archeology" of this locality. The project was inspired by the black construction of 5 holes of a golf course, which was built by a private secondary school directly between blocks of flats.

The project tries to react to this absurdity of an existance of a golf course in the middle of the housing estate. I created similar elements resembling a golf course around Petržalka. A contradictory combination arose - suburban housing estate representing lower housing standards and a golf course as an attribute of luxury and high social status co-existing in one, although absurd, unity. The eighteen photographs of Petržalka also represent 18 holes of a golf course.