LOKOKINO - Monument for Mziuri memory

site specific event, 2015, Tbilisi

Mziuri children town opened in the beginning of 1980s and for the decades was a popular place for families and children in Tbilisi. However, the memory of this place is slowly fading away. Abandoned architecture in the park hardly reminds its famous past. Lokokino, a mosaic shell in the middle of the park is one of the most preserved monuments - the cinema which was never in proper use. Project LOKOKINO opens this place for public. In a one day event, the site-specific installation in here will recover the lost memories of Mziuri.

We would like to thank all the people who have shared family photos, archive material and memories about Mziuri for the project.

Authors of the project are Andrea Kalinová and Martin Zaiček - Abandoned (re)creation, artist in residency at GeoAIR, Tbilisi. The residency is possible through the collaboration and support of K.A.I.R. - Košice Artist in Residence program. The residency is additionally supported by ECF STEP Beyond and MKSR.